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Moovel North American Headquarters

A cozy space to support creativity without boundaries.

Jennie Fowler
Lead Design, Hacker

Portland, Oregon
17,000 SF Interior Design
Completed 2017

Client Notes
Design a "laboratory-workshop-studio-garage" that reflects Moovel North America's unique start-up spirit, with comfortable, friendly, and functional spaces where innovation can thrive. Design for future flexibility and evolving business needs, and draw inspiration from the company's mission to promote mobility, accessibility, and positive community enrichment.

Designer Notes
Exposed masonry and timber salvaged from the original structure are contrasted against the curving walls and spiraling interior rooms, giving physical form to Moovel's belief in creativity without edges or bounds. Nearly every space is flexibly designed with dual, collaboration-oriented purposes, from the small living room-like nooks for quick team meetings, to the shell-shaped private conference rooms, to the spacious communal dining area that doubles as a presentation space for large groups and community meetings. Comfort is key to the design of each space: An airy kitchen offers all the amenities of home; a full bar and lounge provides a whimsical retreat; and the cozy desk pods are arranged around the perimeter of the office, providing window and skylight access at each work station.

First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tech Federal Credit Union



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