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Downstream Headquarters

Hacker's attention to detail and respect for human-centered design resulted in a space that's as functional as it is beautiful.

Tim Larson
Design Principal

Portland, Oregon
15,000 SF
Completed 2013

Client Notes
Increase the openness of the work environment, with extensive display and pin-up space. Blend tradition and innovation by maintaining and exploiting the warehouse features in a digitally advanced environment.

Designer Notes
Staggered studio spaces are populated with custom work tables that can be rearranged to adapt to changing project teams. Every team has generous wall space for displaying work, communal work tables for collaboration, a human-scaled sense of enclosure appropriate to the size of the team, plenty of daylight, and views through the office to the neighborhood outside.

Simple Headquarters

Simple Headquarters

Dexcom Headquarters

Dexcom Headquarters

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