Hacker is a studio of 50+ united by a call to create meaningful spaces that enrich the world—spaces that make us feel more connected to the landscape, each other and ourselves.

Hacker's commitment to equity



Leslie Blaine

Administrative and project team support specialist / Staffing coordinator, schedule manager / Planning strategist for intra-office activities / Member of Hacker’s Onboarding and Emergency Preparedness committees

Calvin Brawner

Marketing communications / Brand storytelling through print, digital, environmental media / Dedicated to supporting client experience, design team process / Supporting and empowering people to do their best work / Member of Hacker's Social and Environmental Advocacy Committee

Jeff Ernst

RA, LEED AP BD+C / Dwelling, residences, and habitation / Dedicated to design that serves others and brings value to changing urban fabrics / Exploring relationships between built and natural environments / Focused on materiality and interactions at the pedestrian and user level

Brendan Hart

AIA / Believer in architecture’s power to unite communities small and large in a common vision / Advocate for mass timber’s potential to bolster local economies, push design innovation / Architectural history buff / Active in the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Architecture Foundation of Oregon, Architects in Schools, Portland Winter Lights Festival

Stacy Homsley

Senior Accountant / Database manager, making payroll happen / Dedicated to detail and to tackling the tough stuff head on / The joy of a successfully completed project

Marissa Jordan

Designer engaged on office, workplace, higher education / Committed to understanding scale, movement within space, and the intersection of social and political forces with the tangible built environment / Member of Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocacy committee

Matt Leavitt

RA / Engaged in conscientious, inclusive, accessible design for higher education, cultural, and community-focused spaces / Dedicated to engagement, outreach / Advocate for design that reaches and supports traditionally underserved communities / Member of Architects Without Borders

Emily Knudsen Leland

Detail-focused devotee to timeless spaces that respect past, present, and future / Balancing concern for users and environment / Reinforcing large building design concepts through interior detail / Leveraging collaborative power for stronger design outcomes

Justin Mayo

Associate AIA / Engaged in workplace, office, residential design that respects and reflects context / Drawing on synergy between architecture’s subjective and objective aspects / Elevating the user experience through thoughtful, tangible details

Nick Pectol

Design generalist with film background and love of visual storytelling / Creating meaningful spaces for the experience of life / Engaged in community-focused design / Libraries, cultural arts facilities / Rendering detail and texture that brings project visions to life

David Pex

Chief Financial Officer / Finance, accounting, tax specialist / Licensed tax consultant / Complex multi-variable issue-tackler / New technology enthusiast

Chandra Robinson

AIA, LEED Green Associate / Advocate for equitable, affordable access to good design / Devoted to bringing design resources to underserved communities / Engaged on mass timber technology, implementing cross-laminated timber and glulam design strategies / Board Vice President, Architects Without Borders Oregon

Rachel Schopmeyer

RA, LEED AP BD+C / Keen communicator realizing complex, challenging designs through collaboration, engagement / Leveraging knowledge and participation of clients, building users / Making order at all scales / Passionate advocate for gender equity in architecture / Believer in power of mentorship

Pat Thorne

Office Coordinator / Manager of people, places, things / Schedule manager and planning strategist for activities, events, meetings / Essential support for staff, project teams

Caitie Vanhauer

Creating sustainable, inclusive, enriched worlds through design community collaboration / Integration of landscape and architecture / Engaged in sustainability, biophilic design, Life Cycle Analysis / Member of Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocates committee

Janell Widmer

Bridging the intersection of interior design and architecture in the office and the work / Leveraging biophilia, technology, sustainability to design for comfort and happiness / Champion of cross-disciplinary learning and investigation / Materials transparency research advocate

Lewis Williams

RA / Design generalist engaged in education, cultural, and mixed-use residential and office design / Bringing life to spaces that exist to serve others and to tell their stories / Dedicated to collaboration across teams, communities / Promoting sustainable, equitable communities through design / Member of AIA Emerging Professionals Committee

Hayley Wilson

Marketing communications strategist and proposal coordinator / Writer, editor, social media manager / Passionate about affordable housing, urban density / Member of Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocacy committee

Keri Woltz

RA / Devoted to socially-driven architecture / Cultivating place within growing globalized culture and changing urban fabrics / Champion of design with meaning, equity, accessibility to all



Audrey Alverson

LEED Green Associate / Director of Marketing / Architectural storyteller / Content development, strategy / Co-Leader of Hacker's Social and Environmental Advocacy Committee / Advancing Hacker's commitment to social equity in office, community

Josh Ashcroft

Director of Visualization / Architectural graphics / Developing Hacker's visual storytelling through emerging digital media, generative design tools / Digital media producer, video and virtual reality content / Licensed drone pilot navigating project progress from all angles

Scott Barton-Smith

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Laboratory, higher education, office design / Sustainable design advocate / Creating beautiful, humane spaces that reflect distinct character of client and site / Curator of office gallery / Founder of Hacker Makers art exhibit series

Daniel Childs

RA / Single and multi-family residential design / Embracing evolving facets of our craft / Creating beautiful, unique urban communities in the Pacific Northwest

Vijayeta Davda

RA, LEED AP BD+C, LFA / Creating connections between people and nature / Healthy buildings, minimalist design, social equity / Sustainability advocate strengthening Hacker's AIA 2030 Commitment / Member, Hacker's Social and Environmental Advocacy Committee and Portland chapter of Living Future Collaborative

Jesse Figgins

RA, LEED AP BD+C / Design generalist engaged on a diversity of projects / Education, residential, office design / Devoted to technical excellence, tight documentation / Collaborating across teams and communities to bring visions to life / Making good design happen in the real world

Jake Freauff

AIA / Detailing and design integration specialist / Design leader with thorough understanding of construction sequencing, methods, processes / Exquisite material detailing supported by expansive technical knowledge / Engaged in higher education, civic, cultural design / Extensive renovation experience / Advancing Hacker's commitment to sustainable design

Jeremy Geddes

AIA / Leveraging complex design problems to create innovative design opportunities / Office and residential design / Focus on proportion, scale, materiality, transparency / Seeking opportunity to create solutions that seem impossible

Sonia Norskog

RA / Versatile architect with strong interiors background / Programming, space planning, human-centered design / Collaborating with clients and space-users to bring visions to life / Creating vibrant hubs of activity with amazing detailing

Tyler Nishitani

AIA / Civic, community-focused, holistic design / Critical design thinking / Pursuing excellence in process, methodology, collaboration, detailing / Graphics, infographics / Buildings that serve as beacons and vital resources to served communities / Member of Hacker's Onboarding, Social and Environmental Advocacy committees

Tracey Olson

RA, LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP, NCIDQ / Health and wellness in the built environment / Vibrant architecture that allows people to thrive / Biophilic design, materials transparency, environmental psychology / Leveraging technology and material innovation to create inspired spaces for human interaction / Member of Workplace Evolutionaries, Portland

Sarah Post-Holmberg

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Enriching connections between communities and nature / Engaged on higher education and K-12 education design / Collaborating with clients to expand the realm of what's possible / Advancing Hacker's sustainability leadership in the office and the work / Social equity through sustainable design / Co-Leader, Hacker's Social and Environmental Advocacy committee

Caitlin Ranson

RA / Architectural generalist engaged on cultural, performing arts, community-focused design / Creating dense, vibrant, authentic spaces that strengthen communities / Urban design that elevates and protects nature / Complex problem-solver dedicated to achieving unified vision that prioritizes design / Member, Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocacy committee

Amelie Reynaud

RA / Believer in architecture’s power to positively influence and shape society / Designer with diverse educational, spiritual, commercial expertise / Renovation and expansion enthusiast / Social equity and biophilic design advocate

Jackie Santa Lucia

AIA, LEED AP / Spaces that bring out the best in the people using them / Community-based experiential designer with extensive civic and institutional background / Advocate for sustainability, universal design, material transparency / Active member of Sustainable Leaders Forum, ILFI, Design Portland, Women in the Environment / Co-Leader of Portland Material Transparency Collaborative and Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocacy committee / After school instructor, Your Street Your Voice

Tom Schmidt

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Creating sustainable, resilient communities through collaboration, accessible design / Workplace and office design / Energy efficiency, accessibility, seismic safety, historic sensitivity in renovations, tenant improvements / Advocate for budget-efficient sustainable design

Nic Smith

AIA / Design generalist with art, carpentry, construction fabrication background / Residential design and spatial analysis / Meaningful buildings that go beyond function / Advocate for design literacy, continuing education, and the vital role of architecture in our daily lives

Joe Swank

RA, LEED AP, DBIA / Elevating the work of architecture through education / Design-build expert fostering diversity and social equity through mentorship, hands-on learning / Founder of after school architecture and community design program, Your Street Your Voice / Design-Build Institute of America member

Rashmi Vasavada

AIA, LEED AP / Designer of creative spaces for higher education, arts, workplace / Drawing on the site and natural context to strengthen design solution / Leveraging resourcefulness of the architecture profession to meet challenges faced by broader communities / Inspired by the challenge to deliver quality and beauty using modest resources

Alex Zelaya

RA, LEED AP BD+C / Believer in the power of good design to help lead us to a healthier, happier future / Steadfast advocate for mass timber and advancing Hacker’s commitment to sustainable design / Member of Portland Critical Mass Timber Group and Hacker’s Social and Environmental Advocacy committee


Associate Principals

Derek deVille

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Providing leadership on higher education, civic, cultural design projects / Engaged in renovations, additions, tenant improvements / Rigorous attention to project detailing, construction administration / Strong advocate for clients and their mission and vision / Dedicated mentor in office and beyond

Jennifer Fowler

Affiliate IIDA / Director of Interior Design / Holistic vision leading the integration of exterior and interior form / Textile and color geek / Finds meaning in crafting uniquely supportive user experiences / Committed to accessibility, social equity, shared space resources

Nick Hodges

AIA / Versatile project management leader devoted to civic design and sustainable design strategies / Engaged in higher education, multi-family housing, urban design / Committed to client engagement, advocacy / Region Council Chair of Society for College and University Planners

Chris Hodney

LEED AP / Design leader on urban housing and mixed-use development / Dedicated to exceptional design for the public realm / Focus on light, proportion, innovative construction through simple, timeless materials / Creating sustainable cities through density and mass transit infrastructure

Laura Klinger

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Library design and planning specialist / Creating welcoming community spaces that foster connections / Advancing community-focused design through public outreach and engagement / Member of American Library Association and LLAMA's Architecture for Public Libraries committee

Stefee Knudsen

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / Pedagogy-centered design / Devoted to biophilic design that connects us with the natural world / Creating buildings that feel genuinely good and supportive to those who rely on them / Member of Association for Learning Environments and AIA Committee on Architecture for Education

Scott Mannhard

RA / Design leader with versatile project experience, committed to approachable, tangible, inspiring architecture / Belief in curiosity as driver of design innovation, and in architecture's endless potential to enrich the world

Matt Sugarbaker

AIA / Higher education and multi-family housing / Cross-laminated timber and technical expert / Advocate for universal access / Devoted to serving clients, project teams, the work / "Authentic architecture with a simple message speaks the loudest"


Sarah Bell

LEED Green Associate / Develops and supports firm's market strategies / Tenacious advocate for evolving firm while honoring its origins / Inspired by opportunities to positively impact day-to-day lives of employees, clients, community / Member of Hacker's Social and Environmental Advocacy committee

Jonah Cohen

FAIA, LEED AP BD+C / Creating spaces where people, organizations, communities thrive / Education, cultural, government, spiritual design / Exceptionally skilled at managing complex, multi-phase projects / Champion for sustainable urban design / Past president, Architecture Foundation of Oregon / Advisory Board Member, First Stop Portland

Will Dann

AIA / Enlighten, educate, connect / Generalist with deep experience in higher education, urban design, campus planning, mixed-use design / Strong advocate for owner and user needs / Facilitating clear, efficient, inclusive design process / Passion for humane urbanism / Dedicated to mentorship, collaboration, sharing in new creative tools and strategies

Charles Dorn

AIA, LEED AP BD+C / The power of high-quality design to make the world a better place / Studio arts facility design expert / Passionate about sustainable and bio-climatic design / Champion for Integrated Design Process to balance environmental, social, economic project mandates / Dedicated to mentorship, helping others achieve success in architectural career and life

David Keltner

AIA, LEED AP / Expressing architectural meaning in new and unique ways / Visionary design leader guiding Hacker's higher education, multi-family housing, civic and institutional work / Spaces that create connections and bring people together / CLT and wood design expert, vocal advocate for research and application in the Northwest / Former City of Portland Design Review Commissioner

Corey Martin

Designing spaces that reflect beauty and poetry of activities within / Visionary design leader guiding Hacker's cultural, spiritual, commercial, residential work / Dedicated to manifesting client values, visions, stories through architecture / Prioritizing daylight, environment, spatial dynamism, craft / Design that frames and echoes the natural landscape


Thomas Hacker

FAIA / From Louis Kahn's student-collaborator, to teacher, to Founding Principal, to celebrated architect/humanist, lecturer, sculptor / Known for rigorously organized plans, expressive use of form and structure, honoring material, light, landscape / Called to create spaces that serve and enrich people, communities, the world