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Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry

How to make an inherently stressful experience safe, secure, and more humane—that was our shared vision.

Stefee Knudsen
Project Manager, Hacker

Laredo, Texas
85,000 SF
Completed 2019

Client Notes
Design a dignified and efficient border crossing that honors the essential relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, provides safe and humane passage for people traveling between the two countries, and supports the procedural security required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Designer Notes
This project was driven by our desire to make an inherently stressful experience more humane, while maintaining safety and security needs. The compact site design creates a clear user experience, gives CBP officers better surveillance opportunities, and maintains open green space for an improved overall experience. Along the east side of the port, vehicles pass through a vegetated swale and line of iconic Mexican palm trees, while the visitor processing building balances efficiency and security with a welcoming experience.

LEED Platinum

ENR Texas & Louisiana, Government and Public Best Project, 2019

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