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Discovery Hall, University of Washington, Bothell

It is so airy and dynamic that it brings the entire campus together in a new way—a place to study, a place to discuss, a place to laugh, a place to reflect.

Warren Buck
Chancellor Emeritus

Bothell, Washington
74,600 SF
Completed 2014

Client Notes
Create a facility for the new STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) department, bringing these disciplines together for the first time on the UW Bothell campus. The building must be flexible to adjust to the evolving needs of a young campus, and represent the University's commitment to inclusiveness and sustainability. As part of our new Master Plan, its design should set the precedent for future development by maximizing energy performance, creating accessible routes to and from other parts of campus, and paying tribute to the wetlands that are so seminal to UW Bothell's campus.

Designer Notes
The project was guided by the theme of “Science and Sustainability on Display,” which served to make STEM visible throughout the building. The organization of the building, which traverses a steep hillside, is based on a central corridor connected by a series of stairs following the contour of the hill. This path connects to the landscape on four of five levels and along the way presents windows into the laboratories and classrooms, and spaces for display of student art and research projects. The wetlands receive water from the uplands slope upon which Discovery Hall sits. Stormwater from the roof and groundwater are directed into a runnel which follows the exterior stairs down the hill culminating in a dramatic fall into a basin in the plaza. A large maker space sits over the plaza.


AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Merit Award, 2015
AIA Portland Merit Award, 2014
AIA Seattle Award of Merit, 2014
COAA Project Leadership Silver Award, 2014
ACG Build Washington Award, 2014

Cascade Hall & Student Union, Portland Community College

Cascade Hall & Student Union, Portland Community College

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