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Thoughtful throughout, and innovative in its use of space—how the courtyard opens into a public park, and openings in the apartments create space that feels larger than it is.

Jury Comments
2011 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Design Awards

Portland, Oregon
380,000 SF
Completed 2009
Collaboration with GBD Architects

Client Notes
As part of a sustainable densification strategy in the Portland State University district, create a residential tower that offers high-quality affordability to people seeking a minimum-impact urban experience. Promote a 20-minute lifestyle, where amenities are no more than 20 minutes away on foot. Introduce Portland to micro-units (500-650 sq ft), popular in other parts of the world.

Designer Notes
Designed with the belief that less can be more. Strategic unit design with oversized windows and sliding walls create spaciousness and connectivity to the outside. A dynamic 'weave' of windows on the building's front activates the busy street, while the back side offers residents the peace of a lush courtyard and adjacent park. The building runs on 100% renewable electric power, with energy- and water-efficient appliances, locally sourced materials, an eco-roof, and sensitive landscaping.

2030 Compliant

2011 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Honor Award
2010 American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award
2009 AIA Portland Chapter Merit Award

Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry

Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry

Gilkey International Middle School

Gilkey International Middle School

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