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High Desert Residence

A highly collaborative process created a design that integrates into the environment, and holds the smallest of details to the highest of standards.


Bend, Oregon
4,200 SF
Completion expected 2018

Client Notes
Design a weekend escape, a grounded and calm respite from busy lives. Connect to the incredible Central Oregon landscape while maintaining privacy within the home.

Designer Notes
Taking full advantage of the high desert landscape, this contemporary home seamlessly blends indoors and out, capturing views of land and sky. Interior materials heighten the connection to the outdoors, with floors, ceilings, and wall planes visually extending from interior to exterior. Natural cedar siding on the exterior, stained in the warm gray of surrounding native plants and shadows, blends and recedes into the landscape, adding to the calm of this desert retreat.

Courtyard Housing

Courtyard Housing

Abernethy Flats

Abernethy Flats

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