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A place that fits the character of its community while paying homage to the history and geologic forces that created Sullivan's Gulch.

Patrick Kessi
President, PHK

Portland, Oregon
229,000 SF
Completed 2019

Client Notes
In this close-in Northeast Portland neighborhood, build luxury homes that blend into the neighborhood and complement the variety of surrounding home styles. Foster community and co-exist seamlessly with the environment. Keep materials honest. Energy and water efficiency are essential.

Designer Notes
Drawing inspiration from the geological forces unleashed on Sullivan's Gulch over a millennia, we explored what a building could look like if its form eroded. Wood detailing, monochromatic stucco, and fissure-like balconies give TwentyTwenty variations in material that evoke the glacial carving and erosion that once formed the land. By rotating the building on the site, its scale is minimized at the street level, emphasizing views to both Mt. Hood and downtown Portland.

LEED Platinum
Sustainability PDF

Lower School, Oregon Episcopal School

Lower School, Oregon Episcopal School

Courtyard Housing

Courtyard Housing

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