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Thomas Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

This little gem illustrates how contemporary architecture can be a good neighbor in a historic setting.

Brian Libby

Ashland, Oregon
34,000 SF
Completed 2002

Client Notes
Create the preeminent venue for Oregon Shakespeare Festival's most intimate and experimental productions, and provide theatergoers with an open and inviting space in which to mingle and enjoy a variety of festival activities.

Designer Notes
Thomas Theatre achieves functional excellence while maintaining the intimacy, mystery, and edginess of contemporary theater. The overall experience is enriched by integrating the building and its outdoor spaces into the existing fabric of downtown Ashland. Incorporating flexible acoustic and lighting systems, as well as fully movable modular seating, the theater supports three stage configurations and accommodates audiences of 260 to 340 people. Public spaces are generously configured, with emphasis on natural light and humane materials. Lobbies enhance the audience experience, providing views of other theaters, the active community streets of the festival, and the hills and sky across the valley.

Exhibition at the PQ Exhibit in Prague, 2007
Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award, 2005
AIA Portland Honor Award, 2002
AIA Portland Craftsmanship Award, 2002



Lents Commons

Lents Commons

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