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Theory 33

Hacker is a design-centric firm with a meticulous staff. From building architecture to interior design, to furniture and art procurement, the vision is cohesive—and appreciated, as exhibited by our 25% pre-leasing.

Seth W. Henderson
Vice President, Urban Asset Advisors

Portland, Oregon
26,000 SF
Completed in 2018

Client Notes
Create a differentiated residential project that can compete and succeed in the fast-developing and highly competitive Portland tenant market.

Designer Notes
Informed by the urban architecture of European cities, this modern design incorporates operable shutters and large window doors to give tenants comfort and control over their privacy. Floor to ceiling windows in living spaces and bedrooms create an expansiveness uncommon in modern apartment buildings. Interior finishes are warm and contemporary, with a slightly romantic flair, and custom-made brick on the exterior gives the building a unique presence among its eclectic neighbors.

Dexcom Headquarters

Dexcom Headquarters

Berwick Hall, Oregon Bach Festival & University of Oregon

Berwick Hall, Oregon Bach Festival & University of Oregon

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