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Renton Highlands Library

A beautiful beacon. Patrons comment on how open, warm and inviting it is. They love bringing family and friends here.

Greg Smith
Director of Facilities Management, King County Library System

Renton, Washington
15,600 SF
Completed 2016

Client Notes
Provide a highly visible and accessible library that reflects Renton's history while serving current community needs. Design spaces for providing children, teens, and adults with innovative programming in a variety of settings.

Designer Notes
Located 11 miles southeast of Seattle, the town of Renton experienced a sharp population increase with the building of Boeing's aircraft factory during World War II. In addition to Boeing, other large industrial companies now call Renton home, resulting in a culturally and economically diverse community. Located on a busy thoroughfare outside of the downtown core but surrounded by retail and residential properties, the new Renton Highlands Library pays tribute to Renton's history in the aircraft industry, with an airplane hangar typology and a visually open interior that gives the building a feeling of airiness. Its open interior also provides good staff sightlines to all public areas, and makes room for the library to adapt to future technology changes. The library features a main reading room, children’s area, teen section, quiet room, community meeting room, staff work and lounge areas, and structured parking below.

Tanner Point

Tanner Point

Denny Hall, University of Washington, Seattle

Denny Hall, University of Washington, Seattle

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