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Neuberger Hall, Portland State University

How do we elevate an essential campus facility into a high-tech, high-profile, global academic space?

PSU Foundation

Portland, Oregon
220,000 SF
Completed 2019

Client Notes
Transform the fortress-like 1960s Neuberger Hall into a modern, interactive, light-filled academic hub. The design should improve connectivity, wayfinding, and accessibility, and bring the building into life safety compliance, while strengthening the connection between the university and city.

Designer Notes
For this building that serves nearly all of PSU's students, the design was driven by a desire to create an engaging, open, and humane experience. With emphasis on access to daylight and connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, Neuberger Hall now connects to both of the active city thoroughfares that surround it: SW Broadway and the Park Blocks. A central lightwell brings natural light into the heart of this dense building, and a more transparent facade provides visual connectivity to the outdoors. With programs ranging from art and design, to math and world languages, to academic advising, a more connected and open Neuberger Hall gives students, faculty, and staff more opportunities for cross-pollination.


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