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Field Office

Why, when you go to work, should you feel like you're hermetically sealed from nature?

Tom Cody
Managing Partner, project^

Portland, Oregon
300,000 SF
Completed 2018

Client Notes
Purpose-build the future creative office space through innovatively connecting every space to nature, natural materials, and park-like environments.

Designer Notes
Despite its busy, urban context, Field Office provides physical and visual access to nature throughout the building, offering a workplace where inside can be outside, and where outside can come in. Office spaces come with sweeping iconic Portland views and abundant natural light, and the building is designed for flexibility, allowing tenant spaces to adapt over time. Using industrial-inspired materials and forms, including reclaimed wood for warmth and human-scale texture, the design of the building responds and contributes to the transition of this former industrial district into a vibrant, accessible mixed-use neighborhood.

LEED Platinum
Sustainability PDF

Portland Business Journal, Transformational Project of the Year, 2018
Daily Journal of Commerce - Portland, Project of the Year 2019

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