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Dexcom Headquarters

A warm and functional workspace that we love and are proud to show to our guests, all of whom share the delight of being in such a special place.

Jane Conner
Senior Business Manager, Dexcom

Portland, Oregon
13,350 SF Interior Design
Completed 2017

Client Notes
Design a custom workplace that reflects the corporate brand identity while preserving the Portland office's close-knit, down-to-earth culture. Give staff a variety of places to work, from open collaboration areas to quiet, head-down zones. Create a space that attracts and retains talent, and can serve as a prototype design for other Dexcom locations.

Designer Notes
This custom interior creates an open, comfortable, and flexible environment where Dexcom's work is transparent and accessible. Display screens, dry erase walls, and lightweight, easily moved furniture allow individuals, teams, and groups to think visually and collaborate in different formats. Natural materials, abundant daylight, and views to the urban treetops give the space a healthy, vibrant feel.

Featured in Office Snapshots, 2017

Humanities Complex, University of California, Santa Cruz

Humanities Complex, University of California, Santa Cruz

Theory 33

Theory 33

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