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Bayview/Linda Brooks-Burton Library

Bayview Library is a stunning example of how a library can honor a community’s history while laying out a path for its continued growth.

Toby Greenwalt
Library Journal

San Francisco, California
9,000 SF
Completed 2013
In collaboration with Karin Payson Architecture + Design

Client Notes
With robust public engagement, create a library that welcomes and supports the entire community, and honors the neighborhood both physically and culturally by celebrating the history of Bayview-Hunters Point. Save energy and water through innovative sustainability features.

Designer Notes
The Bayview Library, with its exterior etched panels illustrating the neighborhood's history, is designed with deep reverence to the multifaceted history of Bayview/Hunters Point and its African and African American art and architecture. Community-enriching technology and education, along with a series of multi-purpose flex rooms, invite visitor engagement. Sustainable features include vegetated roofs and an innovative natural ventilation system, facilitated in part by a courtyard that circulates air and brings natural light to the library's interior.

2030 Compliant

New Landmark Library / Library Journal, 2015
AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Merit Award, 2013
AIA Portland Chapter Sustainability Award, 2013
Best of the Bay / San Francisco Magazine, 2013
Kirby Ward Fitzpatrick Prize for best new building in San Francisco, 2013

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