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Alaska State Library, Archives & Museum

The museum helps smaller organizations, many of them tribal, tell their own stories.

Giuliana Bullard
Public Affairs Representative, Institute of Museum and Library Services

Juneau, Alaska
120,000 SF
Completed 2016
In collaboration with ECI

Client Notes
Create an anchor for arts and culture in Alaska's capital city. Provide space to preserve, protect, and share Alaska's historical artifacts and documents, while attracting visitors and researchers with an Alaska-inspired atmosphere. Reflect the rich history and tribal culture of the Alaska region through the building's design. Evoke and represent the natural resources of Alaska, ensuring that the building truly reflects the origin of the community and grows into the Juneau landscape.

Designer Notes
This consolidated home for Alaska's State museum, archives, and library divisions was designed to be a high-performing, easy-to-maintain building that will serve Alaskans for generations to come. The design is deeply rooted in Alaska's history and landscape: the distinctive ceilings reflect the mountainous landscape that surrounds Juneau, and expansive windows frame dramatic views to five nearby mountain peaks. The roof form is reminiscent of a bird taking flight, and the layout of the site emulates the fan of the docks that historically occupied this waterfront site.

AIA Alaska People's Choice Award, 2017
ENR Northwest Best Projects: Best Government / Public Building, 2017

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Hillsdale Branch Library

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