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Abernethy Flats

A truly quality design - the neighborhood is now celebrating this high benchmark for future developments in the area.

Seth W. Henderson
Vice President, Urban Asset Advisors

Portland, Oregon
27,000 SF
Completed 2019

Client Notes
Provide high quality, well designed apartments within market-rate economics. Design a building that adds value and life to an eclectic mixed-use neighborhood, while prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Designer Notes
A small courtyard extending to the street connects two ground-floor retail spaces and provides a lively communal space for tenants, customers, and passersby on an active pedestrian thoroughfare. Form, material, and scale draw inspiration from the architectural patterns of the eclectic southeast Portland neighborhood. Apartment units are designed for modern livability and energy efficiency, and prioritize natural ventilation and daylight access.

Sunshine Canyon Residence

Sunshine Canyon Residence

West Portal Branch Library

West Portal Branch Library

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