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Gilkey International Middle School

Middle school can be a tough age, and this building provides our students with their own spaceā€”a place where they can build their own community.

Christine Chang
Board of Trustees, Chair of Capital Projects Committee

Portland, Oregon
29,500 SF
Completion expected 2019

Client Notes
Design a 'future-forward' middle school that considers long-term adaptability, environmental stewardship, and students' development toward becoming actively engaged global citizens. Maximize the school's lean budget to provide a range of spaces where students can socialize and work independently.

Designer Notes
The L-shaped building hugs the wooded campus edge, evoking the idea of a 'nurse log,' a fallen tree limb full of nooks inhabited by different critters. The building placement on the site takes advantage of both the natural beauty and the educational opportunities offered by the forested campus. Classroom wings are joined by a social hub where students can gather for lunch or special events. The project improves connectivity among the whole campus with the creation of a pedestrian street, amphitheater, outdoor dining facilities, and a new trailhead deck leading to forested trails.

2030 Compliant
Energy Trust of Oregon / Path to Net Zero
Sustainability PDF

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