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Visual Arts Facility, University of Wyoming

I almost cried, I found this facility to be so stunning. It was just overwhelming.

Margaret Haydon
Ceramics Professor, University of Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming
80,000 SF
Completed 2012
In collaboration with Malone Belton Abel P.C.

Client Notes
Create a safe, sustainable, and innovative visual arts facility that brings together the fine arts programs from scattered locations around the campus. Mitigate the impact of toxic art processes, and give students control of natural light to support a variety of art disciplines.

Designer Notes
Every design decision was viewed through the lens of health, safety, and energy conservation. To minimize energy use, the Visual Arts Facility is oriented and shaped through a process of studying the way the sun interacts with the interior spaces. Designed to meet current needs for interdisciplinary collaboration, the facility also has the flexibility to address changes in art-making over time.

LEED Platinum
2030 Compliant

AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project, 2016
Honorable Mention, AIA Portland COTE 2030 Challenge Award, 2011

Lakeside at Black Butte Ranch

Lakeside at Black Butte Ranch

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon

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